Free "C" Beginner's Programming Tutorial ideal for T223 students, Software required, input and output, variables,branching and looping in an easy to understand format, by John McGuinn.

John McGuinn's C Tutorial

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Home This page.This beginners tutorial is ideal for T223 Open University students. Please support this free site by John McGuinn by supporting the sponsors
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"C" Tut 1. Introduction. Software required for programming in C , Compilers etc. Available soon. The use of cprintf rather than printf for students of the Open University course T223
"C" Tutorial 2. Outputting text.
"C" Tutorial 3. Variables The use of Variables in 'C'. - Variable types -Global, local, static. Where to Declare Variables. Strings can't be declared as a string.
'C' Tutorial 5. Controlling program flow in plain English
"C" Tutorial 6 Branching & Looping if, if ( ) ... else, do ... while, while, for, switch, break, continue, default. Placed on the site in March with limited links. Updated in 18 Jul. 01
'C' Tut 90. C Error Messages. List of Compiler Error Messages. Add your own information to this error message list.
'C' Tut 99. Quick reference and master index. Updated 22 March 2001
Student Software Includes most software that have a Student Discount Licence. OU students are eligible for this discount. Also is listed associated books to this software. 20 Jun 01
'C' Books Information on 'C' books and links to Amazon if you wish to purchase 

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