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HTML5 Introduction
Tags removed from HTML5

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HTML5 Introduction

  • HTML5 is the latest version of HTML
    • HTML 7 is about to be released. Note HTML 6 is missed out, suggesting major changes with HTML 7
  • Older Browsers do not fully support HTML5, but newer ones are constantly adding HTML5 features

Tags removed from HTML5

Most of the tags that are not supported by HTML5 are not likely to be used by a beginner.





Used by the KompoZer editor and therefore T183 students. Use a CSS style. Example
<span style="font-size: 16px; " This text is larger</span>
adjust the actual size as required










Renders as teletype text




Table & Cell Attributes

Many of the table and / or cell attributes are not supported. CSS must be used instead.

None supported attributes in HTML5 include:

border for an image, bgcolour, height, width,

align on caption elements

align on col elements

align on div elements

align on embed elements

align on h1—h6 elements

align on hr elements

align on iframe elements

align on img elements

align on input elements

align on legend elements

align on object elements

align on p elements

align on table elements

align on tbody, thead, and tfoot elements

align on td and th elements

align on tr elements

alink on body elements

allow transparency on iframe elements

background on body, table, thead, tbody, tfoot, tr, td, and th elements

bgcolor on body elements

bgcolor on table elements

bgcolor on td and th elements

bgcolor on tr elements

border on img elements (except as noted in the previous section)

border on object elements

bordercolor on table elements

cellpadding on table elements

cellspacing on table elements

char on col elements char on tbody, thead, and tfoot elements

char on td and th elements

char on tr elements

charoff on col elements

charoff on tbody, thead, and tfoot elements

charoff on td and th elements charoff on tr elements

clear on br elements

color on hr elements

compact on dl elements

compact on ol elements

compact on ul elements

frame on table elements

frameborder on iframe elements

height on td and th elements

hspace on embed elements

hspace on iframe elements

hspace on img elements

hspace on input elements

hspace on object elements

link on body elements

marginbottom on body elements

marginheight on body elements

marginheight on iframe elements

marginleft on body elements

marginright on body elements

margintop on body elements

marginwidth on body elements

marginwidth on iframe elements

noshade on hr elements

nowrap on td and th elements

rules on table elements

scrolling on iframe elements

size on hr elements

text on body elements

type on li elements

type on ul elements

vlink on body elements vspace on embed elements

vspace on iframe elements

vspace on img elements

vspace on input elements

vspace on object elements

width on col elements

width on hr elements

width on pre elements

width on table elements

width on td and th elements